Securly Hits Key Milestone, Announces Free Student Safety Audit for all US School Districts

May 8th, 2020


Securly was the first web filter in education to provide 24/7 monitoring of all students to assess their wellness and mental health levels. Securly’s Filter and Auditor products allow the school district to monitor what kids are searching for on Google, saying to each other on Facebook, Twitter or email, watching on YouTube, browsing on the web or sharing via docs and drive. Filter and Auditor not only monitor and log activity, but also use sentiment analysis AI algorithms to scan and flag messages for signs of self-harm, bullying, violence, and suicidal thoughts. Once flagged, trained student safety analysts from the “24” operations team review and assess the messages for imminent danger of student distress. Alerts flagged by analysts as moderate to high risk are alerted to school districts with an email notification. When an alert is identified as extreme-risk, Securly’s analysts call and text designated contacts from the district to alert them of the situation - enabling districts to intervene in real-time and in many cases, save a student’s life.

By the end of last year, Securly also enhanced its artificial intelligence algorithms with a proprietary At-Risk™ student wellness-scoring system. At-Risk Student Wellness Scores supplements Securly’s offerings by providing a holistic view of each student’s online activity by analyzing students’ web searches, website URLs browsed, emails, social media posts, YouTube videos and searches, and more. From there, the algorithm compiles a comprehensive score for each student, across all these channels and over many weeks and months, giving a picture of their overall online wellness. The feature’s algorithm operates at a speed that far surpasses human analysis, enabling Securly to pinpoint a single student out of thousands that needs immediate intervention and help, and alert schools and staff right away.

Key Student Safety Milestone - 1000 Lives Saved

Since it was announced back in September 2017, Securly’s 24 service has now been deployed in hundreds of school districts across the country and has scanned over 150,000 flagged messages last year itself.

7 p.m. PT April 30th 2020:

With the above activity alerts, Securly’s 24 service saved its 1000th life - reaching a key milestone for cumulative total lives saved of students that were in the process of actively committing or planning a suicide.

“I am personally very proud of this milestone as it represents a thousand lives that we were able to make a meaningful dent in - these are thousand students that are alive today because of us”, said Kathy Boehl, Director of Securly’s 24x7 student-safety operation.

Key Student Safety Milestone - 1000 Lives Saved

Free Student Wellness Audits for All 130,000 Schools across United States

With May as the Mental Health Awareness Month, Securly is making available its 24 service, powered by the same At-Risk Student Wellness Scores technology, to perform a free audit for student wellness for all the school districts across United States.

School districts participating in the free audit will first be set up with Securly’s Filter and Auditor product free trials to start monitoring and flagging activity across the district over a period of 30 days. During this period, the At-Risk algorithms will correlate AI triggered alerts across multiple channels for the entire school district and surface the most urgent incidents to the 24x7 team for immediate notifications to the participating districts. After this, student safety analysts from the 24 team will compile a customized report for the school district showing up to 30 days of student safety risks found - including cyberbullying, self-harm, violence, and abuse. Finally, one of Securly’s student safety experts will schedule a call with the district to review the report and answer any questions the district may have.

Vinay Mahadik, co-founder and CEO of Securly, adds, “May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we were wondering how Securly could give school districts visibility into how bad the situation is out there, and show how technology can help preempt the next severe incident. The student safety audit is Securly’s attempt at letting all the school districts across the country experience how human-assisted AI can keep their students safe.”

School districts receive the student safety assessment for free, including a report and a call to review the findings with Securly’s student safety experts.

The 30-day free audit is available to school districts by emailing

About Securly

Securly, the leader in K-12 student safety, has a mission to keep students safe and productive at school and at home. The company offers the most comprehensive end-to-end student safety and device management solution for K-12 districts. Wherever digital devices are used, Securly’s cloud-based products work to filter content, manage apps, ensure compliance, alert schools to cyberbullying and self-harm, while engaging teachers, students, and parents. Securly’s automation and AI sentiment analysis, combined with 24/7 human monitoring by trained safety experts, protect over 10 million students each day. Securly is headquartered in San Jose, California with offices across three continents.

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