STEMscopes' mission is to empower teachers to focus on effective instruction, rather than on devoting time to a search for quality resources and materials.

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When Accelerate Learning Inc. first partnered with Owl Ventures in 2016, one of our shared goals was to get the STEMscopes solution into more states and school districts. Since then, STEMscopes has expanded from 35 to all 50 states, and the number of students using our curriculum has quadrupled. Another goal we shared was to develop enhancements and additions to our STEM-focused curriculum. Over the last six years, we have added new solutions for math, engineering, and coding, as well as enhancements to support instruction in any learning environment. Owl Ventures’ expertise in the edtech market has been a tremendous asset, allowing us to scale our impact and create high-quality STEM learning experiences for more than eight million students.

Philip Galati

President and CEO

STEMscopes, created by Accelerate Learning Inc., is an award-winning, research-based national leader in pre-K-12 STEM curricula. Used by over eight million students and 680,000 teachers across all 50 states and internationally, STEMscopes provides comprehensive science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) digital resources. STEMscopes’ (STEM) digital resources, supplemental print materials, and hands-on exploration kits drive engagement and academic growth. STEMscopes is aligned with state and national standards. STEMscopes was built with educators in mind, and it also provides embedded professional development, including videos, on-demand webinars, and coaching.