Amira Learning

Amira listens to young students read aloud, assesses reading mastery, and provides real-time, personalized tutoring for every child. Amira is the first Intelligent Reading Assistant that accelerates reading mastery.

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We’re grateful to have the support of Owl Ventures to help us execute on our mission to reinvent learning to read with AI. The investment from Owl further validates Amira as a game-changer. Already, Owl has helped connect us with other partners that will deepen our impact on student growth.

Mark Angel

CEO & Co-founder of Amira Learning

2 out of 3 students in America are not proficient readers by 3rd grade, and the statistics have not improved significantly over the last 25 years. Teachers do not have the time to deliver in-depth reading assessments and to offer 1:1 reading instruction and practice time with every child. Amira is a web-based, AI-powered teacher’s assistant for early literacy with a mission to reinvent learning to read, using AI, so that every child can become a masterful and motivated reader by 3rd grade. Amira can listen to students while they read, identify oral reading errors, provide real-time tutoring backed by neuroscience, and generate actionable reports to guide instruction and inform parents or administrators.