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At its core, it's very hard to build an education business, and the Owl team has a track record that is unique. We partnered with Owl because they are the best at helping build companies that can transform education. They share our vision and have supported us at each layer of the organization building process to ensure that we can build a highly scalable company that can serve the needs of all our teachers and students.

Alex Grodd

CEO & Co-founder of BetterLesson

School and district leaders need professional development that is actionable, ongoing and tailored to the diverse needs of individual educators. Traditional, “sit-and-get” professional development is woefully inadequate and prevents educators from creating the dynamic student-centered classrooms that light up students.

BetterLesson combines innovative technology with the latest learning science to reimagine professional learning, enabling districts to propel change for all students by transforming teacher practice. BetterLesson has aggregated the top instructional talent from across the country and deploys these coaches to provide continuous and personalized professional development support. The process is straightforward: First, they work with their district partners to identify the district’s most pressing instructional challenges. Then they design a comprehensive PD solution that combines 1:1 personalized, virtual coaching model with 1:Many PD events. Lastly, the coaches employ BetterLesson’s “Try, Measure, Learn” methodology to help teachers try new instructional strategies, measure what works, and iterate based on the learning. This process leads to major shifts in practice as well as significantly increased growth mindsets.