Honorlock revolutionizes the way academic institutions and enterprise corporations enable equity in online courses and exams.

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Owl Ventures is a reliable and trusted partner of Honorlock. Through advanced research, market involvement, and industry expertise, the Owl team provides valuable resources and knowledge to help fundamentally advance edtech organizations. The unmatched insight shared by the team has been instrumental in our ability to continuously bring integrity and humanity to the online proctoring experience.

Michael Hemlepp


Honorlock provides on-demand online exam proctoring services for schools, universities, and corporations who are looking to expand online without sacrificing academic integrity. Their simple, affordable proctoring service operates around the test-taker—no scheduling, headaches, or bulky software downloads. Their system integrates seamlessly into learning platforms, allowing instructors to customize exams, monitor performance, and generate robust analytics. Setup is fast and simple. Test-takers benefit from the 24/7 availability of online exams whenever and wherever they choose. A browser plugin manages exam registrations and proctoring events while Honorlock’s AI platform and trained US-based proctors handle the rest. Test-takers enjoy a more relaxed environment while administrators save time and money.

Honorlock prioritizes integrity and they are continually innovating to hinder cheating. While other proctoring organizations might be working to “catch cheaters,” Honorlock is all about aligning the interests of test-takers, instructors, and institutions. They foster an environment that aims to build confidence in each other so that everyone wins. Honorlock is about bringing integrity, humanity, confidence, and positive outcomes to the online proctoring experience.