Connecting curriculum, learning, and data in one place to help educators and learners unlock their full potential.

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The Owl Team has been invaluable partners for Kiddom. The Owl team has deep expertise and domain knowledge of the K-12 space that helped Kiddom develop an effective go-to-market strategy for our new products and recruit the right team members to take Kiddom to the next level.

Ahsan Rizvi

CEO & Co-founder of Kiddom

The Kiddom Education platform connects the curriculum, instruction, and assessment cycle to create a hub for teaching and learning. With everything in one place, teachers can more easily personalize learning and create opportunities for learners to become masters of their own pathway to graduation. And, because Kiddom uniquely connects curriculum to the instructional workflow, we provide targeted insights on instructional and performance data to every member of the learning community in real-time. Admins deliver resources and coaching where they’re needed most, and a system of support is created to help teachers and learners unlock their full potential.