Labster helps make science come to life anytime, anywhere, at a fraction of the cost.

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Leveraging the strong global network and portfolio of Owl, we've been able to establish multiple key strategic partnerships that has been a tremendous enabler for our rapid company growth and our positive global impact on education.

Mads Bonde

CEO & Co-founder of Labster

Complex concepts and little hands-on experience makes teaching science a struggle to many teachers, particularly when they don’t have the resources to offer their students sufficient lab access. Students tend to become disengaged and fall behind when they cannot understand the content or don’t see how it’s relevant to their future careers.

Labster is an EdTech company dedicated to the development of online virtual courses and degrees for teaching STEM globally. The primary product is an easily scalable online platform, with large content catalog (immersive 3D virtual lab simulations) covering several fields within the sciences. Labster’s virtual lab simulations have, in multiple research studies, demonstrated improved learning outcomes, increased student engagement, helped educational institutions save millions of dollars and reduced faculty workload.