Leap is on a mission to democratize access to a quality global education. There are more than 5 million international students today across the world with the South / South East Asia region being the primary driver of growth. Leap helps these bright and ambitious millennials in their quest for global impact.

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As we expanded Leap's product suite this year to add new edtech products that serve students across new geographies, Owl Ventures have been a valuable source of support and global edtech expertise to help us scale. They have been great partners in our growth journey, with helpful introductions and have always been available to discuss ideas and new initiatives.

Vaibhav Singh


Leap runs South Asia’s largest international student online community, where students engage with their peers and prepare for international study. Layered within the student community is a suite of custom-built products like international test prep, admissions guidance, education loans, and international bank accounts, making Leap a truly one-stop platform for everything related to study abroad.