Lele Ketang

Lele Ketang is building a future where every K-12 student has equal access to the best education in China.

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It is very rare to find a venture capital fund that understands education in great depth and shares an aligned vision with entrepreneurs. The Owl ventures team has been a very good partner, inspirer and friend to the Lele team.

Ying Mao (Marvin)

CEO & Founder of Lele Ketang

In early 2014, Lele’s team incubated Lele Academy and started the journey to help K-12 students in China get equal access to the best education resources through Lele’s online platform. Lele is the first company to create a standardized, online/offline, combined education model, wherein the key learning points covered in a traditional class are condensed into bite-sized, engaging, micro-learning videos.