Maximal Learning aims to leverage the latest in generative AI to build a personalized coaching experience that will support students of all ages and help them develop the skills needed for learning and their careers.

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Owl's reputation and demonstrated track record of supporting founders and their startups through all stages of growth and investing for long term success and impact at scale is the reason we are excited about our partnership. 2. Owl's in house platform services team and network of experienced edtech CEOs and startups in the portfolio has already proven valuable sounding board in helping us in our early stages of developing our initial concepts and MVP.

Eran Megiddo

CEO and Co-founder

Maximal Learning offers personalized AI coaching to help high school and college students obtain the skills needed to succeed at school, work and life. Many students feel overwhelmed by their many responsibilities. Our tools will help them stay on top of their school work, balance it with their extra curricular goals, and learn more effectively and successfully.