Morressier enables all the world’s learners to discover, share, and advance new ideas by helping scientific organizations host impactful virtual and hybrid conferences, amplify content, and build a community around previously hidden knowledge.

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Owl Ventures embraces our goal to build the backbone for scientific societies and institutions by helping researchers discover valuable content, build on each other’s ideas, and make progress faster. With their vast network and experience in the world of academia, science, and education, the Owl Ventures team is the perfect partner to work together with us as we reach for the stars.

Sami Benchekroun

CEO and Founder

The world’s leading professional and scientific organizations trust Morressier to support their virtual and hybrid meetings, engage their users, and amplify their content. Morressier offers its clients a powerful platform, granular data and analytics, and extensive possibilities for revenue generation. At the same time, by increasing access to previously ephemeral content, Morressier helps accelerate breakthroughs and innovation.