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For our team, it was crucial to find a partner with deep domain expertise in K-12 education today, as well as the vision for what's possible tomorrow. It's rare to come across a firm that can combine those qualities to offer best-in-class guidance to an edtech company rapidly seeking scale. We found that combination in Owl.

Matthew Gross

CEO & Co-founder of Newsela

Newsela provides instructionalized content at five reading levels that is aligned to standards, all attached to activities and reporting that holds teachers accountable for implementation and students accountable for their work. With over 10,000 texts in our library and 10 new ones daily across 20+ genres, content is always fresh, and with the breadth to cover any content area.

Teachers love the structured choice Newsela provides, and administrators love having the assurance that every content choice teachers make is vetted, aligned to standards, and contributing to learning. Newsela has become an essential solution for schools and districts, with a presence in over 90% of U.S. K-12 schools. Newsela is the content platform for the connected classroom.