Novakid is an online ESL learning platform, offering individual lessons with native speaking certified teachers for children ages 4-12 with AI-assisted data extraction and analysis.

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The strategic advice we receive from Owl is invaluable. The industry insights and funding related topics are of particular interest to us, especially in this time of uncertainty. We very highly value our relationship with Owl.

Maxim Azarov

Co-Founder and CEO

Novakid is an online learning platform that teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) to children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old. This SaaS platform uses AI, AR/VR, machine learning, and gamification technologies to make learning English a fun, interactive, and engaging experience.

Novakid’s platform emphasizes personalization and AI-assisted data extraction and analysis to cater to the unique needs of its students. Using a data-driven curriculum, the platform gathers detailed data on each student’s level of achievement and learning styles. This enables Novakid to create individualized curriculums that are far more effective than standard, one-size-fits-all-type teaching methods.