Panorama Education

Panorama helps schools build social-emotional skills for students and ensure that all students are graduating prepared for college, career, and life. Today, Panorama serves 10 million students and 1,100 school districts.

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We were thrilled to partner with Owl Ventures because of their deep experience building successful impact companies in education, companies that have a real impact on outcomes for students.

Aaron Feuer

CEO & Co-founder of Panorama Education

Panorama Education is transforming the way school districts use data to support students in school and in life. Panorama's flagship online platform empowers educators and district administrators to monitor student progress and intervene effectively to improve academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning (SEL) outcomes. The company also provides research-backed surveys and reporting to help schools measure social-emotional learning, school climate, and family engagement. Today, over 11,500 schools use Panorama to promote success for every student.