Preply is an online educational platform that pairs students with private tutors remotely via online chat. It features a ranking algorithm that uses machine learning for classification and recommendation of tutors.

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We chose Owl as a partner for the tremendous amount of EdTech expertise and global network of resources they bring to the table. They help us to step away from the daily operations of the business to look at what we need strategically to grow over the long-term; whether it be strategizing our DEI efforts, building scalable systems and processes, or actively introducing us to potential advisors, mentors, executives and partners. With Owl’s resources and guidance, we’ve never been more confident in our ability to deliver upon our mission to shape the future of effective learning.

Kirill Bigai


Preply is an online platform that connects students with independent tutors via video chat. Preply began as a platform for tutors to help students with SAT prep. In recent years it has evolved to offer lessons in nearly 50 languages, as well as subjects like hobbies and art. It has an algorithm that uses machine learning to rank and recommend its tutors to its students based on their needs.