Raftr is a trusted communications platform enabling college students ro get current on events and connect with people with similar interests.

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Partnering with Owl was an easy decision; more than any other VC we talked with, Owl immediately understood the problem and the size of the market within the university ecosystem. Owl was also very entrepreneurial in their decision process; they asked the right questions, came to a decision quickly, and didn’t waste our time with bureaucratic processes. Now that we are part of the Owl family, we are even more delighted with their network and approach.

Susan Decker

CEO & Founder of Raftr

Raftr is an authenticated events and communications platform for universities that requires all users to be authenticated with their university's specific .edu email address, creating secure, campus-specific, curated experiences. Raftr is available in three platforms: two mobile applications (iOS and Android) and one desktop web experience. It is rich with social features, including group messaging, polls and a full events calendar that is automatically curated from existing university sources. This offers students a familiar and comfortable way to connect with each other, while providing university administrators with a secure way to connect with students.