Real is a team of innovators, clinicians, and technologists on a mission to not just normalize mental health care but celebrate it.

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Owl has contributed to our impact through their deep understanding of both B2B and DTC go-to-market, and more notably, through their dedication to demonstrating outcomes. They’ve supported Real in maintaining that same focus, especially as we scale. Owl has been the ideal partner because they are focused on the right outcomes — not just how many people can be reached by a network, but how many people actually are reached by Real and how effective care is once reached. Owl has supported and encouraged our continued investment in health research and clinical efficacy, resulting in a better care model for our members.

Ariela Safira

Founder and CEO

Real is a mental health care company building a new therapy model. Through a monthly membership, Real provides care to members that they can access anonymously, on their own terms, and at a price that is more affordable than other therapeutic approaches. Through their modernized, therapist-designed programs, they are improving the quality of mental health care and making it accessible to more people, especially the nearly 93% of people left out of the current, traditional 1:1 therapy system.