Since day one, Remind's vision has been to connect the people and resources that help give every student the opportunity to succeed.

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We made the decision to partner with Owl Ventures at a critical inflection point: in the early stages of transforming Remind’s organic consumer usage into a sustainable business. In the past year, the broad and deep experience that Owl brings from the education sector has helped shape Remind’s growing traction with schools and districts—and strengthened our commitment to staying true to our vision at every step of the way.

Brian Grey

CEO of Remind

When it comes to family engagement, stakes are high—but schools and districts don’t have an actionable way to improve engagement across their organizations. Remind, the leading communication platform in education, helps educators reach students and parents where they are. With easy-to-use features that allow administrators and teachers to activate and support ongoing communication around student learning, Remind makes meaningful engagement as simple as sending a text message.