Sizzle AI is an app combining the power of AI with the engagement of social platforms to make learning engaging, personalized and effective for everyone, everywhere.

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We are thrilled to have Owl as our main investor. From day one, Tory and Emily have believed and been 100% supportive of Sizzle AI's very ambitious vision, recognizing the need for outside thinking in EdTech. They also provided a lot of additional value, from intros that lead to recruiting a key founding team member to sharing key benchmarks that help us understand the industry better.

Jerome Pesenti


We're living in a time when technology is reshaping the way we learn. Our goal is to harness the power of AI and other cutting-edge advancements to make learning amazing for everyone, everywhere. We started in March 2023 and are in the early days of developing ideas. We are building a direct-to-learner product. Our current offering is a personalized AI learning app for high-school and college students, but our broader vision is to use AI to make learning accessible, personalized, fun, engaging and inspiring for all. We're asking questions like: Can AI make personalized tutoring accessible to everyone, everywhere? Can learning be engaging and fun? Can we tailor education to each individual? Can we bring the best of education from amazing educators and learning science to everyone?