SplashLearn, formerly Splash Math, creates engaging learning experiences built to transform children into fearless learners.


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Owl Ventures has taken SplashLearn closer to its vision to empower every child in the world to learn fearlessly and imbibe learning as a lifelong philosophy. Owl, with its team, keeps us ahead of the curve with invaluable insights on industry trends and market intelligence that has enabled and shaped our strategic thought process. It has provided tremendous support to SplashLearn in more ways than one, including access to its vast business network, K-12 domain knowledge, and of course, being our sounding board for deliberations, guiding, and mentoring us on critical decisions as we grow and scale.

Arpit Jain


SplashLearn is a game-based digital learning program that intelligently adapts to each child’s learning ability and helps them master skills at their own pace. Its curriculum covers pre-kindergarten through grade five for math and reading. With a strong focus on engagement and efficacy, it has over 4000+ curriculum-aligned games and activities designed to create an exciting learning experience for kids.

SplashLearn also offers tutoring in live, online, and personalized classes in small groups taught by America’s best tutors, and a gamified learning space called SplashArena where children can test all the skills they’ve mastered.