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Swing is on a mission to make classrooms run smoothly and learning free of interruptions by matching schools with substitute teachers and educational talent.

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We felt that out of all the education investors, Owl Ventures was the best aligned with us philosophically. They work with honesty and high integrity, and the team has worked incredibly hard to be a great thought partner for how best to move the business forward. In addition, Owl Ventures has helped to connect us with their formidable portfolio companies (as well as connections outside the portfolio), source an independent board member, and send job candidates our way.

Mike Teng

CEO & Co-founder of Swing Education

On average, U.S. students spend 5% of the typical school year with substitute teachers, which translates to over 6 months of their K-12 school career. Failing to fill a substitute teacher opening not only impacts students, but causes teachers, school leaders, and administrators to shuffle around to cover gaps. There's also the time administrators spend on the logistical issues of finding, recruiting, screening, scheduling and paying contract substitute teachers. Swing's marketplace helps schools cover hard-to-fill absences by seamlessly providing substitute teachers on-demand.

Every school day is a valuable learning opportunity, and we think every class should be led by a high-quality educator. Swing Education helps make this possible by connecting schools with qualified substitute teachers.

- Swing recruits, screens, and supports thousands of substitute teachers across the country.

- Swing connects schools with the right substitutes via an easy-to-use, web-based platform.