Tinkergarten helps kids build an important set of physical, social and congnitive skills through outdoor play.

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We chose to work with Owl because of their deep understanding of how to scale education ventures, while keeping a commitment to delivering a meaningful social impact. The team at Owl has both strategic and tactical - from key introductions to helping us maintain a rigorous test and learn culture.

Brian Fitzgerald

CEO & Co-founder of Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten helps children unlock their natural learning ability by building skills to become ready to learn, ready to thrive and ready for anything. We empower parents to be their child’s number one teachers, giving them their life’s most important gift—to learn how to learn.

With over a decade of design and continuous improvement in the program, and hundreds of thousands of families served, Tinkergarten’s unique method of activating a child’s learning is tested, proven and beloved. Each outdoor play experience is engineered to marry the latest science, with the wisdom of the ages, and the wonder of childhood to teach creativity, empathy, focus, and persistence.