ubiMaster democratizes tutoring for all students by providing flat rate and on-demand tutoring products.

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We are very happy to have Owl as lead investor as their global scope and experience in the education sector is unparalleled. We are convinced that we will jointly realize our vision into reality and build a great company!

Jana Krotsch

Founder and CEO

ubiMaster’s vision is to simplify and democratize tutoring. We have developed a unique solution that connects students on-demand in less than 2 minutes to a qualified tutor and enables students to learn at their own rhythm and pace. The flat rate products - paid for by employers, banks and publishing companies – give access to all students regardless of their parents’ income or social status. Children are the pillars of our future and deserve to have equal opportunities to learn and develop their individual skills. We are convinced: this is key to the long-term success of societies.