We partner with transformative companies

We invest in the world’s leading education technology companies across all stages from early to growth and across the education spectrum encompassing early childhood, K-12, higher education and career mobility/professional learning.

Helping school leaders better manage their time and resources

Designing online, comprehensive, and hands-on STEM curriculum for PreK-12

Acquired by: The Carlyle Group

Reinventing learning to read by developing the first Intelligent Reading Assistant

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to auto-grade student homework

Improving engagement and outcomes for learners through a learner success platform

Reimagining professional development by offering personalized, job-embedded, and continuous support for all educators

Providing online learning that is accessible, effective, engaging and personalized for everyone

Building a complete workforce upskilling platform

Reimagining how students learn math through its adaptive learning platform

Acquired by: TPG

Creating the first and only on-site telemedicine healthcare services in school-based settings

Reinventing how we measure human potential through a simulation-based assessment

Giving teachers the easiest way to plan, assess, and analyze learning

Making it simpler for higher-education institutions to make the transition to the cloud

Engaging students with science through virtual reality and online tools

Making the highest quality curriculum teacher friendly via digital and print

Acquired by: Weld North Education

Giving students access to high quality online learning at their convenience in China

Offering communication coaching that fuels workplace innovation

An online education platform designed to offer video-based online courses from best-in-class subject matter experts

Supercharging reading engagement and learning in every subject

Redesigning how higher education happens online

Supporting student success through data - in school and beyond

Helping students practice and master what they're learning through flashcards and study sets

Helping college students connect with each other, discover events and see what’s happening on their campuses

Reinventing financial aid for high school students

Acquired by: CampusLogic

Creating a communication platform that helps every student succeed

Leading vocational education platform in China

Developing a web filtering solution that enables educators to use instructional tools such as Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia in classrooms

Preparing tomorrow's tech leaders for today's jobs

Providing substitute teachers to fill staff absences in local schools

Bringing high-growth tech careers to ambitious people everywhere

Acquired by: Chegg (NYSE: CHGG)

Creating high-quality, outdoor learning experiences for kids

Acquired by: WndrCo

Connecting kids of ages 5-12 with top early childhood coding teachers through a live 1:1 platform

Acquired by: BYJU'S